August 3, 2020

Effective Teaching Strategies

With each new youth generation, teachers are constantly faced with developing new, innovative ways to reach their students. The teaching methods of old are almost viewed as prehistoric in relation to the new crop of 21-Century adolescents. At an early, distractible age, today’s school force is a new breed of children that require unprecedented schoolroom standards.

Regardless of the grade level, in order for a teacher to fully maximize their student’s potential, each class member must be left with an everlasting impression. Although this can be difficult to accomplish, there are many available resources that provide teacher’s with the proper material to be better educated on how to reach each individual student.

Be Available and Welcoming

An undeniable fact regarding Americas’ student population is that, because of their ages, almost every student is easily impressionable. This is essential for all teachers’ to remember that one nonconstructive comment to a student could have a negative impact on his or her life forever. It is also important for you as a teacher to remember why you chose the profession to educate.

Originally, the majority of prospective teacher’s chose their career path with the intent to help and educate the youth population. As time goes by, it’s easy to lose sight of this and feel lost within your school system. Don’t lose hope! By being available to your student’s, you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of life’s that are positively influenced. Make sure you an open door policy with your students; openly communicate your availability to your class and make each individual student feel special and welcomed.

Maintain Focus by Periodically Changing the Learning Environment

As we all know, repetitious, mundane activities can lead to extreme boredom, especially for student in a classroom setting. When a student becomes bored, their focus is quickly lost. For obvious reason, this should be avoided at all costs. A teacher’s main goal as an educator is to maintain each student’s motivation level. Because of this teacher’s are constantly trying to find new ways to keep their students engaged in classroom activities. A productive way to achieve continual focus from your students is through changing their learning environment. Some atmosphere changes include:

• Taking a field trip

• Changing the classroom environment to match the current subject that’s being taught

• Going outside when the weather is nice

• Visiting other school’s

• Having a guest speaker

• Watching movies or documentary’s