How to Remove a Virus From an iPhone and iPad

Can my iPhone ever get a virus?

You cannot get a virus on an iPhone because there are no viruses; iPhones are less susceptible to malware than Androids, but there are security threats that you should be aware of. Phishing attacks and insecure Wi-Fi networks are just two of the many threats that can affect your iPhone or iPad.

Jailbreaking your iPhone (removing Apple’s built-in user restrictions) makes it just as susceptible to malware as Android devices. Therefore, if you jailbreak your iPhone, it is important to learn how to scan your iPhone for viruses. However, even without jailbreaking, iPhone users can still be exposed to other serious security threats, such as identity theft.

Reboot the iPhone

If you have just updated your iOS, the process will restart your iPhone or iPad. If you have not already done so, please reboot now. There is a reason why restarting a device is a common IT practice, and it often solves the problem. Reboot the device, try a few apps, and see if that solves the problem.

How do I remove viruses from my iPhone?

The answer is often a simple solution: delete the app. Apps have files associated with them, and when you delete an app, the files it stores are usually deleted as well. Simply long-press the app’s icon and select “Remove App” from the menu that appears.

Restoring a Cell Phone from a Past Backup Version

One way to get rid of the virus is to restore the iPhone from a previous backup. You can restore from a backup saved to your computer or from a previous version saved to iCloud. If a backup is saved on your computer, you can restore from iTunes. iCloud backup can be enabled by going to “Settings” and selecting “iCloud” to see if iCloud backup is enabled. However, if this option is grayed out, you will not be able to restore from a previous version that is not infected with a virus.

Clearing History

Cleaning up Safari history can help remove viruses from the iPhone. In addition, it can protect against theft of passwords and other data.
To clean up your history, select “Settings” > “Safari”. Then scroll down to “Clear History and Site Data”.