September 18, 2020

Issues in Education

From school choice to sex education to dress code to teacher-student relationships, there are a variety of issues in education that need to be addressed and solved. Many issues in education are debated or even researched, but debating doesn’t help solve any problem and research is usually done by a group where so many different variables exist that all research is flawed. An issue I have yet to mention is class size. Does class size really matter?

Class Size

The biggest argument for class size is if the class is smaller, then each student can have better individual attention. This is true, but how many teachers are really giving individual attention? I have seen some, but not many. And what is a small class size compared to a larger one? Thirty students may be a lot to some, but small to another. Maybe teachers want a small class in order for them to have less work. My only argument for class size is that more teachers will have jobs. So, is it a numbers game or is it the teacher? I have taught a class size of over 200. I know other teachers who have taught more and have succeeded. It is all about a teacher’s organizational skills, energy, positivity, knowledge, and the love of teaching. Can class size really be solved?


You are probably thinking to yourself right now – huh? Supercamp is designed for students to become better learners through quantum reading and writing strategies. It also helps many students become more sociable the more they interact with their peers. Supercamp is a good example on class size. Facilitators who are usually degreed teachers “team teach.” They do this on stage for a large class size, then at a different time of day, a smaller class size. Students and teachers get the best of both worlds while positivity remains in effect. Supercamp gives students many problem solving and thinking outside the box activities. A lot of time is spent with their peers about speaking about their problems and giving them a chance to vent. Teachers give respect to the students by answering the same questions and following the same activities which are given. Supercamp has a high rate of students succeeding once returning to school. Supercamp is also a good reason there should not be year-round schooling.

Year-Round Schooling

Why this became an issue is beyond me. Year-round schooling is ignorant, for lack of a better word. People need rest. When people have rest, they come back alert and ready. Schools have schedules and little or no time for flexibility. Year-round schooling will make this worse. I believe the President said something to the effect that students will learn more if they go to school year round. This is an oxymoron. The student that slept in class all year will not all of a sudden wake up in the summer and start learning more. Teachers also need breaks from students. Vacation from work or school is vital. Some people may say learning better equals better living, but I say better living equals better learnin